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Ambitious Dressage Ladies

This week it happened again. A dressage lady calls with the following question: “Can we find her a nice 4th level or higher dressage horse, suitable for a 1st level amateur lady rider, with a budget of  $60K.” Of course we can! We watch the video she sent us of herself riding, remember the extra requirements: sweet, easy to ride, easy on the ground, amateur friendly” and start the first search. We always show a few videos first to see if the horses we have in mind meet the expectations of the client.

The lady did not see the quality she wanted to see in our videos. Would we have more videos of  younger horses, with more quality (and of course less training)?? Of course we do, but would that suit your needs? I really like to help people in defining their requirements, or fine tuning them before they actually set out on a trip to see the horses. What meets your needs AND fits within your budget? When I told my colleague about this client she said: “I assume she wants  another  Totilas for 10K?”  Or maybe she is like the client we once met who was looking for a top quality PSG horse, sensitive and fancy and had the budget to match it… however when we showed her the horses she had to admit she had just recently mastered cantering!

What we try to accomplish is to match a horse with a rider so that the team is going to be a happy team in the years to come. For the rider this means in the first place acknowledging your own limitations, be it in riding or in financing. When you are realistic you will be a much happier horse person and a lot less likely to cause physical or psychological damage to yourself. If you have the intention and means to employ a good trainer to work with your super quality young prospect, by all means, be our guest! But if you are a timid lower level amateur dressage lady, please think about what gives you most pleasure in riding and aim for a horse that will give you a happy ride every day! A good book about buying horses is written by a cowboy pro, Bob Avila: Be a $mart Horse Buyer. So let us (and your trainer) help you with your homework, and find a good equine match for you!

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