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Daughters and Ponies

So here I am, mom of three with two beautiful young daughters and a toddler boy. It had never crossed my mind that my girls would not be as totally horse minded as I am. Growing up in New England I took them to the barn on a daily basis, they’d help me muck and sit on the barn ponies and they would come to shows with me, where I kept looking at the little princesses in the lead line classes with blue ribbons in their hair!

Now that the girls are old enough for those lead line classes we have moved to Dubai. I tried to get the girls interested in riding here: after school once a week we went to the riding school, where Elisabeth had a lead line lesson and Willemijn got a pony ride around the barn as she is still too young for lessons. The setting was heavenly: palm trees and bougainvillea, tropical birds and fresh air. But the lessons were crap. 5 ponies standing in a corner of the arena, all with a groom next to them and one by one they did one loop of trot so that the kids could learn how to post. in the 30 minute lesson they each did maybe 5 loops. Needless to say E still could not post (nor steer or stop as they did not learn that at all) after 5 lessons and was totally bored with it. Once a different teacher came and they had lots more fun, but she was not to come back. E announced that she’d rather do gymnastics instead, and come back when everybody was ready to start jumping a course 🙂 And Willemijn did not want to do a pony ride around the barn, she wanted to do real lessons.

So since X-mas they have not been on a pony. And do they ask often? Nope. I think maybe twice. Do I mind? yes and no. I could not stand watching the bad lessons and had to tell myself not to intervene and start yelling things (to the trainer and to my daughter!) Besides I find horses much more dangerous now that I am a mom and watch my own kids around them, than when I was young and crawled on the back of a strange pony somewhere in a field in the middle of the night for a joyride. I really do not want them to get kicked or fall off! On the other hand I would really like to share this passion with them, keep horses and ponies at our farm (in Holland or somewhere else, after Dubai) and go for long trail rides in the Rocky Mountains with them, or even here in the Arabian desert! Maybe I should send them to pony camp during our Dutch summers and hope they catch the bug? My dream of loading three ponies into the lorry, on our way to a local event with three happy little riders in the back seat seems a little far off still….

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