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What I do not get is: “why riders do not wear helmets?” I honestly do not get it.

I read through the websites that list all the lame excuses, like and I still cannot understand why someone would choose looks (helmet hair) over safety and reducing the risk for brain injury or death. Last week a young girl died in Holland after her horse spooked and slipped on the road. She is not the first and will not be the last. I have been reading Courtney’s blog ever since her accident, and I think every rider and every mom with a riding child should! I have greatly admired her and am very happy she is living to show what courage it takes to fight back.

Every time an accident happens people are very quick to say” this is not the time to lecture about helmets!” Off course it is!! It is exactly the time to lecture about helmets, now that the image of the implications of not wearing one are so fresh in your mind. One of the excuses mentioned in the first link is: “it is my head so I get to decide whether or not to wear a helmet.” yes it is your head now, but who will be burdened with caring for a handicapped parent or spouse? Or mourn the loss of a child, sibling or friend? Not wearing a helmet is selfish in this view, and I couldn’t agree more. It is not like it is a huge effort to put a helmet on your head, nor is it very uncomfortable + you need to take a shower anyway after a day at the barn, so the bad hair excuse is not valid either! A lot of barns already took on the wear a helmet rule, and I think the biggest responsibility now lies with the parents: teach your kids to wear a helmet from the start, so it becomes a good habit.

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