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horse slaughter update

Apparently in the last 3 weeks, ever since the “horse meat in beef products scandal” the British have become very interested and hungry for horse meat, sales have gone up 50%! LOL and on top Gordon Ramsey is promoting it, as tastier, and much leaner than beef. well well well 🙂

I think in a lot of European countries there is horse meat in most “meat snacks”…. there certainly is on our home country (kroketten, bitterballen, frikadellen, hamburgers en soepballetjes) As a child I would never eat horse meat as I was always afraid I’d be eating one of the school horses. Now I don’t eat it as I am afraid I will light up in the dark with all the (unregistered) medication going on in the race industry.

If you don’t want horses to end up in the slaughter house, stop breeding your ugly pony to the neighbor’s donkey; and do something about the race industry! Especially with the cheaper race track horses, they are medicated, prepped and pushed until they break and are useless after that. On top they (the ones in the US) now face a horrible transport to Canada or Mexico before they are killed. The ones in Europe are sent to Italy, same story.

A multi layered approach would be my ideal: restrict breeding (only breed with approved mares for a certain studbook, to an approved stallion — with a (sport) purpose in mind!); very strict rules for use and registration of medication (micro chip); ban all doping from the race industry, reinstate horse slaughter close to the kill buyers, but under strict supervision, (as well as for horse transport). Prohibit slaughter of “over” medicated horses.

All horse addicts should be wise enough to think (before you buy a horse) about what to do when the end is near, (or when you run out of funds to keep him or when he becomes to lame, dangerous etc etc ) and keep a back up gold mine so you don’t have to send him to auction, or give him away on e-bay. it is not very expensive to humanely euthanize your equine pet.

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