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My Kind of Horse

I never end up with the kind of horses I really like – conformation or quality wise. I have however always been lucky with the character of my projects: happy go lucky, no intention to buck anyone off, cool on the trails – non spookers- and with the right amount of silliness. (and cheap!) Every time I buy a new horse I have the intention to better than last time, so that nothing I could have prevented when buying the animal, will stop me from reaching a higher level in the dressage or jumper ring.

I will from now on : Always do a full pre-purchase, and be very critical on conformation: no more awkwardly built TB’s off the track, no more horses with vices such as heavy cribbers  (Ollie), No more horses that already seem off before I even buy them (Kalief), No more horses that cannot canter properly at the age of 5 (Ramses). The one horse that had super gaits and nice conformation (although he was a bit narrow) was a 5 yr old grey TB off the track who died within 3 weeks after purchase (Omar).  The problem is that most of my horse purchases are impulsive and I tend to fall in love with the character and am no longer able to see all the flaws.

So what do I like, if I were to buy my ideal horse?

It would be a Dutch dressage/all round horse, with old bloodlines like Vincent, Roemer, Amsterdam or some Gelders like Bazuin. I like them not too tall, 16.2 is perfect, but with a solid built, big hind quarters and a big neck (although not such a big head). I like a lot of knee and good use of the hind leg. Something with an engine but not hot, and no spooks or intentional bucks (an occasional happy oink is OK). I don’t want him to be dumb, like spooking on the cross ties or knocking over buckets. I do not want any more horses that pull me around the yard, either on their back or on a lead rope. I don’t mind color, although I find dark bay pretty boring. (unless he has a lot of chrome).

Then for training/showing level, I would like something that is at least first level dressage, with good basics and going nicely through his body. If possible can we add 3’3″ jumping to that as well? No stopping, attentive, not rushing to the fences and no panic jumps please! Oh and it would be really nice if this horse could do some lower level eventing as well, with a smile on his face. Most important: I want to be able to trust the horse,  at the shows, on the trailer and when changing a blanket in winter late at night. Is this too much to ask? I will sure try to find exactly this kind of horse next time, I promise 🙂

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