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Summer in Holland

It is good to be back in Holland! After spending a few days with Miranda looking for horses I am happy that I got a reality check: it is not easy finding good horses! We have been searching for the following: 1) a talented 7 or 8 yr old dressage horses with plenty of talent for the FEI levels, 2) a bombproof dressage horse for a para equestrian; 3) a fancy 5 or 6 yr old amateur dressage horses with loads of chrome and 4) hunters.

The first – lovely – mare, was being tortured by her owner, scared to get hurt in her mouth! what a pity, she would be a super schoolmaster with a friendlier rider! The second one was cute, but the owner forgot to mention that the horse roars. Then we saw a couple of 4th level + horses, nice gaits but not exceptional.. the asking price was rather exceptional though! 🙁 I will not even begin to mention our search for hunters!

When we have a client seriously looking with specific requirements, we really need to see a tenfold of what we can finally offer! It is a lot of work, but we really need to do the pre-visits to all the stables and check the horses that are offered as “super suitable for this client”. We will then select the top 10% to actually show to the client!

Driving around the country you will see horses and stables everywhere. With so many horses to choose from it seems that we are getting even pickier… we only want the best for you! 🙂

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